Visitor welcome polette

As soon as the visitor arrives:
* Hello and welcome to polette.
* Do you know the concept of our brand?
* Is this your first time at polette?
* How are you?
-I think you know the concept of our brand.

Explanation of our concept:

FUNCTION -We are Online Opticians.

LOCATION -You are in a digital optical showroom, where the polette app is presented.

EXPLANATION -You can take the time to try our unisex frames, to be accompanied by opticians and to place your order online via our application (free).
APP - Download the APP and scan the QR code to discover the collections the colors....

OPTICS -We perform eye exams to verify your correction, but we do not replace an ophthalmologist. It is a free service. If you don't have a prescription we create it.

HOW - We design, produce our own frames and manufacture our own lenses in our laboratory in China. Home delivery within 12 working days on average.

WHY - By eliminating all intermediaries we are 80% cheaper than a traditional optician. At polette, there is no stock so no waste. The models presented are renewed regularly thanks to the avant- garde ideas of our designers.

PRICES -The prices of our unisex frames vary from 5 to 60 euros, we arrange them by shapes (Oval, Round, Rectangular, Small prices, Aviator, Butterfly). Several materials are used (acetate, metal (nickel silver alloy), titanium, 5 euros (injected material), wood, bamboo, cork, combined models, sunglasses frames).

QUALITY -The lenses we use are organic lenses with anti-reflective, scratch-resistant treatments. Regarding the price, everything will depend on your correction. We do not market the glasses alone. We will make a quote via our application to provide you with more details.

DIFFERENT OPTIONS -We also offer personalized treatments: blue light, photochromic, polarized lenses and different UV 400 sun shades. -You can customize your polette lenses among 16 color options.

FREQUENCY - We have a team of designers who create new designs for you every week. -I invite you to discover our collection, the whole team remaining at your disposal.

GUARANTEE -Do you have any guarantees? -On receipt of your polette glasses you have 30 days for visual impairment and adaptability. -All our frames are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects. -If you are not satisfied with the choice of your frame, You have a withdrawal period, in order to receive a credit code for the value of the frame (except lenses.) -We do not take responsibility for prescription errors from the ophthalmologist. -I invite you to read and take note of the general conditions at the bottom of our site

COMPLAINTS -For All complaints, in order not to travel unnecessarily, we invite you to contact our customer service via our online contact form and a person will get back to you within 72 hours offering you a solution according to your request.

Visitor already familiar with polette: 

-I see you know our brand, I'll let you look at our new collection.

-What do you think of our new collection, our new campaign?

If the visitor wants their sunglasses immediately (i.e. already on holidays or going soon):

- You will have it upon your return and you will need whatever it is....
- Can we deliver to your vacation spot?
- If nothing is applicable: thank you for thinking about our brand, see you soon.