Information for all employees

- Staff room:
Limited to polette ambassadors, and forbidden to non MISPBV external parties, family and friends. Always make sure you clean-up and keep the space tidy (especially for the eating surface(s). Please wash your dishes after using anything. You have one hour break per person, not more. In case the showroom is very crowded, do not leave your colleagues stranded or struggling, and try to learn how to shorten your break if necessary.

- Missions: you are
A referent of the Brand
A referent to welcome and satisfy (Google review) visitors A referent for optical
A household referent, a helping colleague

- Behavior between us:
A tension, a difference, a behavior between colleagues that does not suit you? Thank you for bringing it up quickly and discussing it with your manager. Never let a situation escalate with a team member or a visitor. At polette, we communicate, we are transparent and we find solutions to all problems. If you see someone who is not positive about you, motivate and encourage them.

- Team spirit (Dream team)
We remind you to take care of the equipment provided (pens, rulers, tablets, iphone, etc.). While in the shop, you will always find things to do: product presentation (cleaning, tighten the glasses screws, adjust), check and order labels, storage and learning of displays, names of glasses, check emails, etc. No member should remain behind the control table except for an optical case or cleaning the glasses.

Always walk around the table to talk with the visitor. Tidy up and sort the after-sales service every month, separate acetate metal and branches. Participate in birthdays. If you need to chat, we are here to help. Learn from each other. Be natural and respectful to all of you. Positive attitude. Be curious and independent. Never have your back turned and your arms crossed, always be in front of the entrance.

Do not open the music software during business hours unless necessary, and only play polette music. 35 H exemplary and rigorous. Not all in break at the same time. Solicit your manager if necessary. Be careful not to move the control table during optical tests and measurements. Be careful to lift the stools properly so as not to make noise and avoid making them squeak. Send slack messages and read emails daily. Suggest, bring and participate in a breakfast or aperitif regularly. Be selfless, and empathetic.

- Help with the order process and choice of options:
Fast, around 5 minutes per order. Customer care meaning take care of the Customer. Remember: no delivery in store. Check the email address, password, delivery address several times, ask visitors to check whether they are receiving our emails. Present yourself in front of visitors. Ask visitors to download the app. Don't forget to log out of their PayPal account if ordering through the tablet app. Fill in the prescription with the signs of the same values (cylinder) to avoid a confirmation email from the lab. Do not apply a promo code other than family and close friends top 3. (10%)

- Eye examination:
Be careful to ask all the right questions learnt during the eye exam training (Erik and Mark). When there are too many people, offer dates. Always be accommodating. Reset the machines after use.

- Fitting :
Check the condition of visitors' lenses and frames carefully before adjusting them to avoid being caught in complaints. Do not give the transport boxes to our visitors unless it is really broken. We sell accessories.


- Opening and closing:
Any delay has to me announced in advance and motivated Arrive 15 before the opening 11:45 am.
Ensure the commissioning of the alarm system.
Open and close the sign and the two doors.
Put on the protective covers on the machines every evening.

- Cleaning :
Clean displays weekly.
Vacuum the showroom if the regular cleaning wasn’t enough. Remember to take out the trash.

- In the showroom:
Beware of theft
Respect the VM and storage of products.
One person in each area (welcoming, eye test).
Do not try on frames, the showroom is open for our visitors.
Memorize model names.
Watch and read daily emails and slack messages.
Take photos of displays and engage VM at the Head Quarter.
In case of high attendance, advise visitors by being patient.
Always store your equipment: test glasses, frame box, rulers, etc.
Work uniforms are compulsory.
Check the prices on the app before presenting the models on the displays.
Do not sit or put your foot on the open shop stool (which is for visitors)
Do not navigate on sites other than polette
Make sure to turn off the air conditioning or heating when the shop closes.
Do not smoke in front of the shop, do it far away and without uniform.
Open the door to visitors and give a warm, open welcome. (See home training.)

- Service:
If the error comes from the showroom, please register a request in google sheet file showroom "optical case". Otherwise use the contact form. Errors must be exceptional.

- Procedures:
Request for holidays a month and a half in advance by email to your manager by putting in cc Bertrand (avoid requests on Saturdays which is a busy day, however we will gladly grant it for a wedding, move etc ...)
Transport ticket to be sent by email (PDF format) to your manager or to Bertrand directly before the 20th of the month, monthly reimbursement. We also have NS travel cards.